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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 16, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332. >> harris: thanks for watching. here's "the daily briefing." >> julie: your daily briefing starts right here, right now. here are three big stories we are following for you. french president macron set to speak with updates on the fire at notre dame. plus an raucus bernie sanders town hall. did you watch it? and dana, greg, jesse and the rest of "the five" are in nashville. they will join us live to tell us what they are upto. hello, everyone. i'm julie banderas in for dana perino and this is "the daily briefing."
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we begin top of our hour, french president macron is about to give an address on the massive fire at notre dame cathedral. the investigation into what caused the inferno in full swing as the city of lights tries to recover from one of its darkest days. we will go to president macron as he addresses the nation. >> translator: together in paris, the capacity to marvelize, to unite in order to win. all loy onni along our history, have built cities, ports, churches. many have been burned or destroyed by the war, revolut n revolutiorevolutio revolutions and each time we have built them. the fire at notre dame reminds us that our history never stops.
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never. and that we will have always some tests, some struggles that we will have to beat. something that we believe to be indestructable may be destroyed. everything that is france materially, spiritually, is alive. for this very reason, it is fragile and we are not supposed to forget that. it is upon us. the french people of today, to secure as time goes by this continuesy that makes up the nation of france. this is why this evening i wanted to speak to you directly because it is our responsibility today, and this is what we must keep in our hands. nothing less. i will come back to you as i
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have pledged in the next few days so that we can act together following our great debate. but it's not time for debate. tomorrow, we can continue the politics and the tumultuous problems and points, but it's not the time for that right now. let's remember the last few hours, last night, tonight, this morning. each one of us has given what they have. the firefighters fought, risking their lives with heroism. the policemen, policewomen, the first responders were there all the time. parisians came together and were emotions, everybody was following us. everybody cried. there were images.
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there were photos that were taken. everybody has given what they had to give. everybody gave according to their role. i'm telling you today, with strength, we will this people of rebuilders. we have a lot to rebuild. so, yes, we will build the cathedral of notre dame even more beautiful. i want for this to be within the next five years. we can do this, and we will mobilize here again. after the time of this great test, we will have time for reflection and time for action. but let's not get these all confused and mixed up. let's not hurry things up. i hear everything like you do, and i feel the pressure. all the pressure, the impatience
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that we hear. as if being at the head of a country was all about being able to manage things and not feel what the people, women and men of this country feel. it is time for us to change this catastrophe and an opportunity to bring us together, to bring us to what we were always and what we must always be. be better than we were and than we are. it is incumbent upon us to find our path, our national path, that has united us all the time. all the time. a human project. patiently french project. all of you, people who love france and love paris, i would like to tell you today that i
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share your pain and that i also share your hope. now we have a lot to do. and we will act, and we will succeed. long live the republic. long live france. >> julie: and there you have emmanuel macron addressing the nation on the devastation that they are experiencing. he said, with strength, we are people of rebuilder, we have a lot of rebuilding and, yes, we will rebuild in the next five years and making it even more beautiful. gregg palkot is live in washington. greg, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: julie, call for unity, for brotherhood, for
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coming together of this country from president macron at a time, aside from this tragedy at the cathedral of notre dame, lot of political divisions, rioting, etc. the one news element coming out of that speech was, as you've noted, that he wants this thing to get done, the renovation, restoration, in five years. most experts think that could be quite impossible, so much damage has been done, but he will be trying to do that and trying to bring the country to do that. lets recap. behind us is the cathedral of notre dame. it is dark now. it is hard to believe that exactly 24 hours ago that was a raging inferno. the fire destroying the roof, the spire, toppling the spire. embers and timbers falling, and flame going into the interior. some experts say about two-thirds of the woodwork and
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other items in the interior of the cathedral were destroyed. what we've been watching, julie, in the last 12 hours, is inspectors crawling all over the exterior of the basillica. it is believed structurally it is sound. that's what was praised by president macron, as 400 firefighters, one badly injured, but no other injuries or deaths. that the firefighters helped preserve this structure of this cathedral. also, precious artifacts inside saved, including the crown of thorns, believed to be that worn by christ, especially poignant with easter coming up. again, what will happen, we are told, next 48 hours there will be inspections. following that, there will be about 50 investigators going in to find out the cause of it. it is believed that there was
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renovation work around the spire and something related to that probably set it off. that is, it was an accidental cause, not arson. certainly not terrorism. but certainly there will be a lot more investigation. as you heard from president macron, there is the feeling that people have to come together and they have to rebuild this. that's exactly, i am sure, what the people for paris, for the world, for this icon, they will do. >> julie: on an average day, 30,000 people visit this cathedral. on the days of easter, that number could rise to 50,000. it is a miracle nobody was hurt in that tragedy. >> reporter: definitely a miracle. >> julie: all right, thank you very much. welsh notre dame burned for 14 hours in the heart of paris and will take years to be rebuilt. chicago tribune writing an article on why it is so special. a symbol of what endured beyond
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any life time. a testament to humanity's highest achievements and aspirations, rich with images and adorned with gargoyles, its religious story can be grasped outside the bounds of language. let's bring chair of the art department at catholic university. nora, thank you very much for talking with us. you just watched the french president address the nation. he just said that our history will never stop referring to past disasters and most recently disasters of historical land marks and church. he also added that with strength, we are people of rebuilders. we have a lot of rebuilding. yes, we will rebuild in the next five years. even more beautiful, he added. how difficult will it be to rebuild? >> it will be very difficult. if you watch what's going on, people were lining up to send donations last night while the fire was still raging. people recognize, as it's world heritage designation pointly
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points out, that this belongs, this stands for the french people and represents its people, but in many ways belongs to the world. it's a piece of history that we all share. >> julie: there have been a couple french billionaires have promised $100 million each or more. that doesn't begin to cover it. i want to talk about the extent of damages. the cathedral burned for 14 hours. that was a lot of time for a lot of damage. from the outside, we saw the iconic fire collapse which greg palkot reported was under construction. that in and of itself was devastating. it was rebuilt in the 19th century, originally built in the 13th century. that has been rebuilt in the past. how extensive was the damage on the inside? >> well, i don't think we know the full scope of the damage on the inside. we know some basic facts that are reassuring and one is that the stone vault, the primary 12th and 13th century vaults
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still stand. that is very impressive. when the wooden rafters fell and the lead roof laying on top the wooden beams collapsed, as we saw in that tremendous inferno, the basic structure of the church which is a spectacular archite architechural triumph. that spire was an interesting reference point. the church itself underwent devastating damage after the french revolution. that spire we look at which is historic. not quite 200 years old. it was built by an architect who was not recreating what was there, but reinterpreting it. >> julie: all right, nora, thank you very much for lending us your expertise. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: did you watch bernie
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>> julie: justice department announcing plans to release the mueller report. thursday morning. we've got a date finally. bill mcgurn writing this, it is the fbi -- if the fbi is to recover its lost reputation, the first item on william barr's agenda must be good on something that set off a frenzy when he proposed it last week. an honest accounting of the fbi
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spying on the presidential campaign of donald trump. if mr. barr wishes to send a message to the fbi, there's no more potent vehicle than a grand jury. ari fleisher is white house press secretary and fox news contributor. he joins me live. so, nancy pelosi, basically to add to all of this and the democrats desperation to see collusion or for it to be proven somehow and so far it has not been, says that barr could be whitewashing the report, which i'm gonna play her comments then have you react. i see you already have plenty to say. >> do you think that the attorney general is covering anything up? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. he may be whitewashing but i don't know if he's covering anything up. >> julie: here's a reason, couple i'll throw out, that maybe he' not whitewashing. okay. number one, he knew this would most likely be released to the public so that would be incredibly damning to his reputation and credibility. not only that, it would be a
11:19 am
huge insult to the american people, not to mention admitting that we just -- lied to the american people and -- it just boggles the mind that the democrats yet once again cannot let this go and accept the fact that what's in the papers is what barr released in his statement. >> reverse the roles. if republicans had done this to bob mueller, democrats would have been the first one screaming, protect bob mueller. do we need a law to protect bill barr? are the democrats obstructing justice? isn't this what they said was trying to be done to mueller? now they're doing it to barr. let the report come out. i think there will be no evidence of collusion, of course, but a there was no collusion. they'll argue about obstruction. there will be things that support it, things that oppose it but no charges. >> julie: i think it would be important to highlight what american taxpayers paid for. that report came out in 2018.
11:20 am
i have got a list. a plethora of previously known material. let's put it on the screen. mueller's prosecutors issued more than 2800 subpoenas. the executed nearly 500 search warrants. they obtained more than 230 orders for communications records and interviewed 500 witnesses all to produce what? >> a thorough report. i do think there was sufficient smoke about things that happened and an investigation was warranted. but now that the investigation is known, democrats need to drop this. they need to stop this hysteria from being their motive for everything there is no evidence. they're anti-trump. their delusions have taken us down a decisive path. now is the time to figure out, since obama administration launched an investigation and did not have the goods, how could they be so wrong? what made them start this investigation? the country needs to learn that.
11:21 am
>> julie: and the country wants answers. and they should. there are a lot of questions. the fbi, did it abu its power? did it improperly obtain an fisa court warrant? what happens if the democrats are exposed and what happens when does the investigator get investigated? >> i think there's something even more fundamental at stake here. that is what did barack obama know and when did he authorize it? if you work for the fbi, the department of justice, you do not spy on an opposing presidential campaign without authorization. nobody is that much of a free lancer, not even james comey. the white house certainly, in my opinion, had to know ab this. the question is, who knew? what did they authorize? what did they know and on what basis? i hope all that information comes out. maybe they had sufficient smoke. we know now there was no collusion. >> julie: thank you very much, ari fleisher. as peace talks to end the afghanistan war drag on, we return to kabul.
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look at how things have changed since the fall of 2001. plus democrats calling foul over what they're calling partisan politics to send migrants to sanctuary cities and whether it has any chance of becoming reality. aww! awww! ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft for the win win.
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longest war, the u.s. and taliban continue with peace negotiations for the very first time. this new round of talks includes women as part of the afghan delegation. now fox news channel returns to kabul to look at what's changed. how safe are things on the ground? >> reporter: julie, i think it depends on where you are inside afghanistan. we've just gotten some reports from the western part of the country. the two girl schools have been blown up. the taliban did not allow girls to go to school when they were in charge. they are not taking responsibility for these explosions. but there's a widespread fear that if the strict rule of the taliban comes back into play here, ruling over afghanistan, things like this could be more common. taliban is trying to give the posture that it has changed. it has women negotiating for it, that it is a different
11:27 am
organization that it was 18 years ago. but it needs international help so it won't be as severe as it was 18 years ago. when you talk to university students, business people here on the street, they are afraid that the taliban are coming, simply waiting for 14,000 u.s. troops to leave. it will be hard for the taliban to control things. the population of the city quadrupled in the past 18 years. this is an urban center that is thriving. so to turn back the clock is going to be a very tough challenge for the taliban. as far as the streets itself here, there is sporadic violence. we lost three u.s. service members last week in a road side bomb. every time you get in a vehicle, there are concerns that under ground bombs could blow you up. that puts the hinder on people trying to do aid work here. you simply cannot drive around because there's always a fear of an ied, a roadside bomb. >> julie: steve harrigan, thank
11:28 am
you very much. just 24 hours after notre dame cathedral went up in flame, the country coming together today in prayer, as the effort to rebuild is already getting under way. plus, the president pushes ahead on his plan to send a team of migrants to sanctuary cities, the leaders of those communities are responding to the possible influx of immigrants that might soon be headed their way. >> winter haven, we open our arms to those fleeing oppression and that should the president send people here who want to be our neighbors, who want to build a life that contributes to our community. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms
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>> julie: a live look at a prayer vigil in france as president macron promising to rebuild the notre dame cathedral in five years following the devastating fire. firefighters worked through the night saving the historic bell
11:33 am
towers and many priceless relices including the purported crown of thorns jesus wore when he was crucified. so far pledges from billionaires behind brands lv and h group, loreal are topping $700 million. investigators say that all signs point to an accident as the cause of the fire. the fight over border security still on going as president trump said he intends to press forward with his plan to bus undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities. california governor gavin newsom saying the federal government is already doing this in his state. listen. >> they've been dumping people on the streets and sidewalks in san diego. sanctuary city, in many way. policy is unwritten. that's what they're doing. they're sending folks to street corners and greyhound bus stations in a sanctuary state,
11:34 am
legal asylum seekers. >> julie: i'm joined by indianapolis radio host tony katz. thank you, tony, for coming on. how you doing? >> doing wonderful. >> julie: didn't take long. already several 2020dems have called it partisan politics. aren't these the same democrats that wanted these sanctuary cities, fought for these sanctuary citys? now that they're getting it, they're still complaining. >> complaining is part of the game. whatever is president trump does, they're going to complain about. gavin newsom saying you didn't want immigrants, now you're dumping them on us. he didn't get to make up his mind. he didn't get funding for the wall, which democrats wouldn't do. he didn't get to get democrats to understand that border security matters so he can't really complain that much. the problem is, you've got these members of congress who won't move, who won't act. they can -- instead of tweeting,
11:35 am
they can engage laws that change how families are kept together, change how asylum laws are done and we can solve this problem. the president went from 45 minutes to 15. i say 10. >> julie: republicans wanted to try and fix the immigration crisis at our border. then the democrats took control. now the democrats are in power. there are several west coast officials, democrats, that are blasting the president's plan. oakland's mayor called it even racist and outrageous. outrageous abuse of power. then later walked back her comments saying oakland welcomes all after the president accused her of not wanting migrants. if not for sanctuary city, where else would the democrats want the immigrants to do? >> it's a funny thing when you talk about the mayor of oakland, the same person who warns people who are in the city illegally, hey, there's going to be an ice raid. go hide. that happened with her, which is not a way to treat is citizens of oakland. you heard bernie sanders on the
11:36 am
town hall last night say that we should be building more facilities at the border. martha mccowan pressed back. why can they go in sanctuary citys? if it's me, i'm building them in the home town of candidates for president. burlington, vermont. that's where you got to go. let them get on the record. >> julie: i want to go with a couple different officials that went on the record. rochester, new york, mayor, lovely warren. she said the city of rochester is proud of its status as the home of frederick douglas, die veersty is one of our greatest strengths. if the federal government moves forward to this proposal, we will welcome them. and then here is jan groomer the former arizona governor. she tweets the following, if i can find it. when i was governor illegal aliens cost arizona taxpayer $1/.6 billion a year in education, health care and incarceration costs.
11:37 am
so why do we continue to bear these costs when sanctuary cities encourage illegal immigration? there you have two very different views. so, are we encouraging illegal immigration and then if they are, then what are the democrats gonna do about it? they shot down putting up a wall. i don't understand. where is the democrats plan here? >> well, first, they don't actually have a plan except to say no. jan brewer really made her bones back in the day, the arizona immigration law. she signed that into law. it was very important. the mayor that you're talking about, we're not talking about frederick douglas here. what a way to try and use history to move your story. this is a way to talk about your history. then about changing the laws to make sure we can process them properly to the safety and security of american citizens already here. democrats only plan is an obstruction plan, a let's dislike the president plan.
11:38 am
it's actually hurting them. they don't understand or they're unwilling to accept the fact that their desire to paint donald trump as a racist and bigot hurts us. >> julie: tony katz, thank you very much. great to see you. now a look at the race for the white house in our campaign trail mix. president trump is targeting those over 65 with facebook ads far more than many of his democratic challengers. the fact spending 44% of his facebook budget on seniors more than all but one democrat, cory booker floating a plan for a new tack credit during an event in iowa last night. booker saying his plan would lower taxes for about half of all americans. and president trump getting his first republican challenger in the race. former massachusetts governor bill wells. >> when you're as angry all the time and uncurious as this president is, it goes beyond style. it goes to policy.
11:39 am
>> julie: wells will be a guest this afternoon on "your world with neil cavuto" at 4 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss it. bernie sanders appearing at a fox news town hall last night. watch. >> raise the issue that i am a millionaire. this year we had $560,000 income. that's a lot of money. so if anyone thinks that i should apology for writing a best selling book, i'm not gonna do it. >> julie: dana perino and some of her co-hosts from "the five" join me live from nashville, tennessee, to break it all down. they're gonna tell us why they're all there in the first place. that's next. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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>> we'll head to paris on the fire and collapse of the
11:44 am
cathedral at notre dame and the french president's promise to build it better than ever before. and a lot of reviews you see on amazon are fake. stunning, right? how you can tell what's real from what's not on amountson reviews when the news continues next hour on fox news channel. >> julie: bernie sanders delivering his message to voters yesterday in pennsylvania explaining his issue on everything from taxes and healthcare, to immigration and education. peter doocy is live in bethlehem, pennsylvania, with more. hey, peter. >> reporter: julie, the democratic socialist senator, bernie sanders, defended the center piece of his platform, medicare for all, even though he admitted it's impossible without raising taxes. >> it's paid for out of public funds. that's what most countries do. so if you're asking me, if your question is a fair question, are people gonna pay more in taxes?
11:45 am
yes. but attend of the day, the overwhelming majority of people are gonna end up paying less for healthcare. >> reporter: sanders also stopped at the suggestion he should pay the 52% tax rate that he pitches instead of choosing to follow the law. the trump tax law that lowered the sanders tax bill. >> your tax rate was 26% because of president trump's tax cut, so why not say, i'm leading this revolution, i'm not gonna take it? [ laughter ] >> we're nearing -- i am -- i pay the taxes that i owe. by the way, why don't you get donald trump up here and ask him how much he pays in taxes? >> reporter: sanders also said he is never going to apologize for writing a best selling book that made him a millionaire. julie? >> julie: all right, peter
11:46 am
doocy, thank you. sanders also had this to say on capitalism. >> when you wrote the book and made the money, isn't that the definition of capitalism, the american dream? >> no. [ laughter ] what we want is a country where everybody has opportunity. i want everybody in this country to be able to have healthcare, to have education, so when they turn on the water, have drinkable water. >> julie: the five is airing live from nashville today. that's where we find daily briefing anchor dana perino and her five co-hosts. thank you guys. we'll get to why you're in nashville in the first place. bernie sanders said his wealth isn't the american dream? but isn't it american to earn dollars by working hard or writing a book? i didn't understand what he meant that he wasn't living the
11:47 am
american dream. >> dana: it is hard to understand, right? because he has this opportunity to run for president not just once, but now twice, right? and now he's in this place where he's already been introduced to the american people. seems to me the democrats have moved far left, in his direction. then you think of him as an individual. he will say that he didn't have a lot of jobs. he didn't work, all these different things, then went right into public service. yet because he's been able to achieve a lot, he wrote a great book from his perspective frbg makes a lot of money and now he's in this position of not apologizing because there's one thing bernie sanders won't do. i have learned this from someone. he doesn't apologize for anything, but sometime it doesn't make sense. >> julie: sanders was asked about whether he voluntarily would pay his previously proposed 52% tax rate. i'll have you react after we play part of it from bernie.
11:48 am
>> wealthy people and large corporations making billions of profits should start paying their fair share. >> your tax rate was 26% because of president trump's tax cut, so why not say, i'm leading this revolution, i'm not gonna take those? [ laughter ] >> we're nearing -- i am -- i pay the taxes that i owe. >> julie: i'm assuming he's not going to pay the 52% that he proposed. that was an interesting moment. >> that was a good moment. bernie can talk the talk, but he can't walk the walk. so, i understand that he is brave and he came on to fox news. i give him a lot of credit for that. but he's a cook. he can't pay for any of his proposals. it's all pie in the sky socialism. the fact that he's actually leading right now the democratic party must make people like
11:49 am
donna brazile shake in their country boots, because if this guy gets the nomination and goes up against donald trump, he's gonna feast on this socialist and eat him for lunch and the democratic party is going to have to have a huge reckoning. >> julie: are you shaking in your democratic boots? >> close to 20 years old. i bought them here in nashville. so great to be back here in music city. [ cheers ] bernie last night said he has a plan to ensure every american can understand how important it is to have access to the american dream. i hope more democrats come on the air. by the way, i want to say congratulations to martha and bret. they did a fantastic job. >> julie: it was a fair interview. i will give it to bernie sanders for coming on to fox. he did take a lot of digs i
11:50 am
didn't think were necessary. there was one point bret asked bernie why he didn't refuse the tax cuts he was so adamantly against. i want to play a portion of that. okay. we already played that. i thought we had another one on that. bret also i guess pressed bernie on the book that made him a millionaire, dana. you and i talked about that earlier. i mean, a lot of his fan base and his voters are millennials. those millennials look up to this man because they feel they can identify with him. his taxes though, now that he's been deemed a millionaire and part of the 1% bracket, does that change anything? >> dana: it's one thing for his sort of republican opponents to point out the hypocrisy that he's espousing. what will be interesting to see is when the other democrats
11:51 am
start doing that. they're not just running for their health. they want to win that primary. bernie sanders is in the lead. i think yesterday went into the lead. joe biden's name is still in there but he's not in the race yet. you'll see, this democratic primary is going to get very nasty. republicans can just sit back and let that happen because there will certainly be somebody who points out the hypocrisy. it doesn't have to come from the republicans. it can come from the democrats. >> i read all three of bernie's book. they're great books. i encourage people to go out and buy my book. >> dana: and my book. preorder. >> we can all be in the millionaires club. that's the american dream. >> julie: i gotta ask you what, are you doing in nashville? got a lot of people that seem happy that you're there. >> dana: one of the things we're doing, jesse and i were sent on a mission to scout out a new headquarters so we came to nashville to do it.
11:52 am
[ cheers ] now, it is such a great place, we would do it. >> they have no state income tax here in nashville. >> dana: jesse and i, last year we participated in the middle tennessee make a wish foundation event. we were celebrity waiters. we came back to do that. we thought why not bring the whole five back. 2.7% unemployment. 100 people move here a day. i'm not encouraging anybody else to move in. traffic is bad, but it's a great city with a lot of social entrepreneurships, lot of big business moving back in, and a lot of great places to showcase talent. like john rich. he's gonna skwhroeupb us on "the five" tonight. >> we've been hanging out with john rich all day. he's got a topless bus that we've been touring the town on. we bought some cowboy boots. greg wrote a country song. you're gonna hear it later.
11:53 am
we ate some ghost pepper fried chicken. dana and i had a little competition. i won but lost. >> dana: you didn't win. >> i was sitting between the two. she won. >> dana: we know you gotta run. thanks, julie. >> julie: we look forward to watching you tonight on "the five" and we will be right back. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened
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>> its something many of us do every day. take a selfie. in the past week, two college students have fallen to their deaths in separate incidents both believed to have been trying to snap a picture. casey stegall is covering this one from dallas. casey? >> julie, nothing funny about it. basically both of these young women were weeks away from graduating from their respective colleges and universities. in fact, as you know, one of the incidents happened on the college campus itself. this girl, 22-year-old sydney
11:58 am
monfreese was climbing to an iconic tower's peak for snapping photos. officials say she accidentally fell through an opening, plummeting 40 feet, hitting her head on the ground. she died later from the injuries. fordham's president released this e-mail to the student but did. it reads in part, "there's no words sufficient to describe the loss of someone so young and full of promise. and mere weeks from graduation. fordham will confer a bachelor's degree upon sydney posthumously, which we'll present to her parents at the appropriate time." in northwest arkansas, another college senior falling to her death, this happened in a remote location near jasper. andrea norton was killed after losing her footing on a rock formation and tumbling off. she was visiting the spot with
11:59 am
students from briancliff university in iowa. she lost her footing while positioning for a selfie. when you look at all of the data out there, 259 deaths, julie, have been attributed to selfies in the last six years, and that is worldwide. back to you. >> very sad. casey stegall, thank you. the boston marathon going off without a hitch, a big congratulations to team fitz, secret service agent garrett fitzgerald finishing the race. he was injured and paralyzed in the line of duty. retired army service stephon leroy crossing the finish line. the double automatmputee offeri
12:00 pm
similar challenge. >> just push hard, keep driving and you can do it. >> congratulations to all the finishes. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east and 9:00 p.m. in paris. the sun has just set on a new skylight in the city of lights. and now the flames are out, we're learning which price less items survived. and of the daring priest that ran toward the fire to save most of the famous relics of all. also, the stranger that cops say tossed a little by off a balcony at the mall of america. new today, why the cops say the man went to that mall looking to kill. plus, five stars ishe


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